Aviator - how to win real money

The wild popularity of Aviator, and the game has been at the top of the world's leading casinos for several years, is associated with very good winnings that players receive. Like other gambling games, Aviator is a rather risky way to earn money. While some thoughtlessly squander millions, losing their heads, succumbing to the excitement, others successfully earn these millions. Our strategies and tactics will help you better understand how to turn the game from fun and entertainment into an effective part-time job or even the main way to earn money.

Game analysis in Aviator

The Aviator interface, on the one hand, is not complicated. But on the other hand, it has all the necessary functions for successful game analysis. Above the main field, data on the odds that have played in previous rounds are displayed. On the left, on separate tabs, you can see information about which bets were played in this round, which of your bets were the most successful, and also which bets were made by most top players. By analyzing all this data, you can understand how much to bet, at what odds, and what is the size of the winning streak.

In terms of convenience, the Aviator game can only be compared with the interface of the best applications for playing on Forex, fiat or cryptocurrency exchanges. The key to successful earnings is a game with a cold calculation. This must always be remembered. After all, if you lose your head, the balance of your wallet will melt like ice cream on a hot summer day.

Successful Aviator Strategies

  • Playing at minimum stakes

    This strategy takes time. Calmly and measuredly with its help, you can earn very good money. The essence of the strategy is simple genius. Each time you have to play with x1.1 odds. This means that each winning round will bring 10% of the bet made, and the risk in the game will be minimized.

    Odds greater than x1.1 drop out in the Aviator in almost every round. But this does not mean at all that you can put the game in automatic mode and enjoy how the coins themselves will pour into the wallet. Specially to prevent such smart players from winning, the Aviator random number generator can give out coefficients equal to x1, x1.03 or x1.08. In this case, the money earned in previous rounds can be lost. To prevent this from happening, you need to wait until the minimum odds drop out, wait for a couple more rounds, and only after that start playing.

  • Moderate risk game

    For those who are not afraid to risk a little more, we can recommend slightly increasing the game coefficient. For example, instead of x1.1, play at x2 or x3 odds. They drop out with a probability of 40-42%. Such an option as playing on with moderate risk is suitable for not very long games. You should not expect such combinations to fall out more than two or three rounds in a row.

  • Downgrading strategy

    This strategy is also called the ladder down. And this name is not accidental. In each round, you need to double the previous bet, but at the same time, the coefficient must be reduced by about x0.2. For example, if you bet 20 dollars with x2 odds, the next step will be a bet of 40 dollars, but with x1.8 odds. This tactic is used by players with a small number of funds on the balance sheet. This method allows you to save money on the balance of an online casino, but at the same time enjoy the game to the fullest.

  • It is also very easy to insure in case of using this strategy. If the first bet with double odds didn't win, try placing two identical bets with x2 odds in the next round. In this case, the win compensates for the coins lost in the previous round.

Double stakes game in Aviator

  • Game fork

    This strategy is usually used by very experienced players. Its essence is to fully use all the capabilities of the Aviator. We know that the game allows you to make two bets at the same time. This is the option we will use to try our luck without losing money.

    Before you start applying this strategy, you need to wait for the series with odds to start in the game. At this point, you need to make two bets for the same amount, but with different odds. So, for the first bet, we set the coefficient x2, and for the second - the coefficient x4-x5. Thus, even if the second bet turns out to be losing, the first one will cover this loss.

Aviator game 3 to 1

  • Unlike the previous strategy, this one involves much more risk. It also works during the streak with high winning odds. When using a three-to-one strategy, you also need to make two bets. One of them should be many times larger than the other. It is this bet that will need to be withdrawn automatically at a small coefficient of x1.4-x1.5. We will use the second bet to catch multiple jackpots. Moreover, on the second bet, in no case do we use auto mode, so as not to lose everything.

    Simple school arithmetic speaks for itself. Consider two bets of 10 and 30 dollars. If the second one plays on the machine with a coefficient of x1.5, then we will earn 45 dollars. This will cover not only a larger bet but also a smaller one.

These are not all successful strategies and tactics for playing Aviator. In the reviews section on our website, many users leave their recipes for profitable games for money. If you managed to find your unique strategy, which no one knows yet, share it with others. Let everyone earn on the Aviator.

Play Aviator and win!

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